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Cashew Kernels

Our cashew is utilized in different dinner all around the world. Our cashew acknowledged due to its exemplary quality and taste. We're understood because the companion for its manufacturer of cashew Kernels, exporter and supplier of all most Cashew Kernels. Its Perfectly utilised In confectioneries, candy dishes, in dwelling etc.. The Cashew Kernels avail out of us in at low price.
Our Cashew Kernels are packed in Vacuum pouches and tin container.

Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection:

Exports of cashew kernels from India are normally subject to voluntary quality control and pre-shipment inspection. Inspection of cashews is being conducted under the consignment-wise inspection. It is ensured that the product is processed and packed as per the standards prescribed, by drawing samples from the finished product. Export of roasted and salted cashew kernels are also normally subjected to voluntary quality control.

  • We supply all grades of cashew kernels like W320, W240, w180, SS, SP, LWP, SWP etc.
  • Our Cashew Kernels Are Packed In : Vacuum pouches & tin containers.
  • Packaging Details : Tin containers,vacuum pouches


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