Goodness Of Coconut...

Swamy Oil Industries An ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED Firm is Famous Being a Reputable Maker, Exporter and Supplier of Coco Nut Oil. Sri. Under the title " Swamy Oil Industries ", Our industry is distributed within 10 acres of land plus also operates in the industrial division of South India in Erode District, Tamil Nadu. Our vision of achieving "highest quality in greatest prices"

The firm is currently handled by his son Mr. P. Ashok and he also offers tremendous experience, sufficient solar and rain combined with the mineral rich soil with this subtropical town promise that the coconuts are of superior quality in contrast to additional regions of the world.

Certification of ISO 9001:2008 and also AGMARK to sunlight superb fresh guarantees which stringent quality expectations are followed closely carefully with the provider which is in level with each of the biggest in the industry. Sundelux Coco Nut oil is fabricated from carefully picked copra, under healthful conditions and packed scientifically to be sure long shelf life..

Quality Assurance

In our Organization, we never compromise with our product quality and We offer nature services and products to the Clients. Our vision of achieving "highest quality in greatest prices" use the highest quality raw material in production and also our motto is much better than the very best. In our business, we always make use of the highest quality raw material in production and our motto is Better than the ideal.

Client Satisfaction

Swamy oil industries is actually a client heart that is serving for more than two decades to show high performance, innovation, enterprise and empowerment. We've encouraged our international existence with the assistance of efficient operations, robust distribution network and diligent marketing skills. Together with refinery, the company set up the packing unit to sell the refined edible oil under its own makes. We have successfully reunite into foreign countries and have established diligent efforts to provide olive oil, coconut oil cakes, cashew kernels etc forth of international criteria. We are an established integrated participant in the edible oil business and really are a trustworthy name in the vegetable oil industry across South India.